//News from a Former St. Edward’s Pastor

News from a Former St. Edward’s Pastor

The following is a Facebook posting from Fr. Mike Tegeder, former pastor at St. Edward’s Church:

This posting is from me. It is hard to share it.

Ash Wednesday has the sober message, “remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.” This always has an impact for me but this year even more. On the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday I got a call from my doctor telling me that a CT scan of me came back showing lung cancer with metastatic growth into my ribs and spine and abdomen. It was a shock. He immediately got me in contact with Abbot Northwestern Hospital and a PET scan which covers the entire body was scheduled for today ( Thursday) but with a 24 hour fast beginning at 7 AM on Ash Wednesday. I guess I got two for one on fast days.

The results have come in and I have to meet with the oncologist tomorrow to determine what can be done. A biopsy will be taken to determine the exact type of cancer, the stage level and possible treatments.

Needless to say this has thrown my world for a loop. I plan to take one day at a time and sort things out with the doctors and my family. I obviously have concerns over my parishes, Cabrini and Gichitwaa Kateri, but I have great confidence in the staff and parishioners at both parishes. Nicholas Black Elk, a Lakota spiritual leader and Catholic catechist who died in 1950 is being promoted for canonization. I am praying to him. For canonization he needs a miracle and I do too.

As I told the Kateri folks at our Ash Wedneday service last night, We are not just dust, but we are stardust. We are all connected and will always be connected. We are on a blessed journey and some of us get there sooner than others

I know that you will keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I appreciate that very much.

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