Dear Fellow Parishioners:
Ever since the worldwide financial crisis in the late 2000s all of us have had to pay a little closer attention to our finances. Even here at the Church of St. Edward we have had to “tighten our belts” these past years. Once we had an annual budget that approached $2,000,000. Now our annual budget will be closer to $1,000,000. Yes, parish leaders and staff, and in fact the entire parish, have had to make some tough decisions. This is one of the reasons we went through the Parish Assessment & Renewal (PAR) process from 2012 thru 2014. Everyone had the opportunity to voice their thoughts on how we are called to be church. These past two years have been a time of implementing the new vision established through PAR. A BIG THANK YOU to the ongoing work of our parish leaders and staff. We have been able to continue and even improve many of our ministries while cutting back on our expenses. Together we are working hard to discern how the Lord is calling us to do His work.

The budget planning process for 2016/2017 has also been a huge challenge. A few thoughts —

1. Income is projected to be down for next year. Parish leaders and staff are searching for ways to once again “tighten our belts.” A few ideas —
(a) Parish Council has agreed to establish a Stewardship Committee. Our fellow parishioner, Jerry Grebin, will lead this group. Watch for more info in the coming weeks.
(b)The Parish Council has agreed to promote fundraising within the parish. In the past all fundraising efforts supported ministries outside the parish. Now it is time to raise some funds for our own programs. All our social events/ministries will be examined for ways they can raise funds. For example, the St. Edward’s Feast Committee will be asked to explore ways to turn this event from a “fun-raiser” to a fundraiser.

2. Mary Pat Potts’ (former Director of Social Justice, Community Life and Adult Faith Formation) unexpected departure last autumn left a huge void in our staffing needs. A BIG THANK YOU to the staff and parish leaders who stepped forward to manage her duties these past months. Parish leaders have decided not to replace the Social Justice and Community Life components, thus we will need to figure out how to handle these duties.

3. Our Faith Formation program continues to evolve. Parish leaders have agreed to the following:
(a) The hiring of a part-time Middle Grades Faith Formation & Youth Ministry Coordinator;
(b) Patrick Smalley taking on additional supervisory duties for the new position; and,
(c) Judy Foster letting go of her Middle Grades Faith Formation responsibilities and taking on Adult Faith Formation and Post Baptism Ministries responsibilities.
These new changes will be paid for by an increase in Faith Formation fees. Watch for more info in the coming weeks.

Yes, our parish leaders and staff are working hard to meet the needs of our parish. If you are interested in helping, know that there are volunteer needs in every ministry. Together we are building the Kingdom. Keep the faith!

Easter peace,

Fr. Brian Fier

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