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Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Fellow Parishioners:
This Mothers’ Day we honor our Blessed Mother Mary as well as motherhood. Consider the following reflection from author Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle.

Fr. Brian

How can the Virgin Mother of God, the first disciple, a member of the Holy Family, and the Mother of the Church also be my mother? How does the Blessed Mother’s life affect mine? How can a simple mother like me aspire to imitate such an amazing mother?

When we think about Mary, we may recall instances in her life that we have learned which illustrate her gentleness, humility, holiness, and her selflessness. Images from our Catholic tradition and what we have learned from Scripture may come to mind. We are reminded of Mary as a little faithful Jewish girl praying with her people in Palestine for the coming of the Messiah, fulfilling God’s promises. Mary also prayed for the restoration of Jerusalem as the gathering place of the chosen people. Mary was familiar with Isaiah’s words that a virgin would conceive and bear a child called Immanuel-“God with us.” Throughout her faithful prayers, however, Mary never imagined that she would be that virgin.

The Heart of the Home
While we will never accomplish what our Blessed Mother has, or come close to her holiness, we too, as mothers are also called to holiness in the sublime role of raising our children. Our Mother Mary gives us so many attributes and virtues to emulate in our vocation as a mother. We can look to Mary and realize that her deep faith was really the foundation of her holiness. We should remember that Mary was human like us and needed to pray so that she would be unwavering in her faith, just as we mothers are called to do. Mary’s faith is the same gift available to us. We can ask Mary to be a mother to us and guide us closer to her Son, Jesus.

Mothers can learn from Mary who is an example of one who listened to God and allowed the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide her. We learn from Mary that a mother’s prayer is powerful. When we are asked to endure suffering or pain within our vocation, we can turn our thoughts to Mother Mary and ask her assistance and intercession. Throughout difficulties trusting in God during particular situations within their home-life, mothers can meditate on Mary’s faithful trust in our Lord and in the guidance from the Holy Spirit. When we experience the deep joy within our role as a mother, we can feel an affinity with someone who has also experienced deep joy in mothering Jesus.

Mary’s marvelous “yes” to God indeed changed the entire world for all eternity. May all faithful mothers also courageously answer our Lord, “Be it done unto me according to Thy word,” as they strive to raise their families in a cenacle of prayer that they have fostered in the heart of their homes.

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