///Catholic Services Appeal Update

Catholic Services Appeal Update

Dear Fellow Parishioners,
Here is the latest update I received from the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA):

The 2016 Catholic Services Appeal remains ahead of last year’s overall numbers. Thanks for all that you are doing to assist with this success.

Our calling campaign also continues to progress with good results.

Any additional gifts your parish receives can be sent to the CSAF offices at:

Catholic Services Appeal Foundation
12805 Highway 55, Suite 210
Plymouth, MN 55441

Here are the current numbers for the 2016 campaign overall:

June 27, 2016:
Total Pledges: $7,634,205.56
Total Received: $5,999,090.42
Total Number of Gifts: 35,240

June 15, 2015:
Total Pledges: $7,375,150.86
Total Received: $5,598,744.88
Total Number of Gifts: 33,798

Here is a report that shows where your parish is at, it is comparing June 27, 2016 to June 27, 2015:

Parish Name: St Edward
Parish City: Bloomington

2016 Goal: $82,764.00
2016 Total Pledge: $39,948.00
2016 Number of Donors: 232
2016 Total Received: $32,213.00
% of Goal on Collected: 38.92%

2015 Goal: $82,764.00
2015 Total Pledged: $40,351.00
2015 Total Number of Donors: 232
2015 Total Received: $31,427.00
% of Goal on Collected: 37.97%

As your pastor, I am both saddened and confused by these figures. Confused in that this is not a new trend; rather, our minimal support of the CSA dates back many years. And yet, at the same time we have shown great support for many non-CSA charitable causes (e.g., VEAP, Bridging, Meals on Wheels, and our two parish missions). Saddened in that we continue to neglect these CSA ministries:

Parish Outreach—which includes our Venezuelan Mission, Latino Ministry, Indian Ministry, Deaf Ministry, and the Council of Catholic Women;
Catholic Education—which includes Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Campus Ministries, and Parish Faith Formation;
Catholic Charities—which includes Prenatal Services, Parenting Services, Aging Services, Refugee Support, and Adoption;
Clergy Services—which includes St. John Vianney College Seminary, The Saint Paul Seminary, Hospital Chaplains, Prison Chaplains, and the Byrne Residence for Retired Priests; and,
Marriage, Family and Life—which includes Marriage Preparation, Persons with Disabilities, and Respect Life Programs.

Remember the CSA is now its own foundation, separate from the Archdiocese. So why aren’t we better supporting these CSA ministries? Perhaps it is time for our parish leaders to address this issue. One possible solution is to dedicate a portion of our Social Justice Outreach Fund to the CSA. I look forward to a spirited discussion. Feel welcome to contact me or any of our parish leaders.

Summer blessings,
Fr. Brian Fier

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