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Future Church Leaders

Dear Fellow Parishioners,
Last week I announced that our parish was being considered to assist in the formation of two of our future Church leaders. While I have yet to hear from the St. Paul Seminary, I believe we still need to be prepared. We will be expected to put together two Teaching Parish Committees each consisting of eight to ten people. As of today, two parishioners have expressed interest in this ministry. I hope others will step forward. To volunteer, contact me. Below is some additional info.

Summer blessings,
Fr. Brian Fier

Teaching Parish Program
As part of their pastoral formation, seminarians participate in the Teaching Parish Program throughout the four-year Master of Divinity program. Each student is placed in a local parish community to gain supervised ministry experience that is concurrent and integrated with the academic, human and spiritual aspects of formation. Students from adjoining dioceses are placed in their diocesan parishes whenever possible.

Each seminarian works closely with a pastor/supervisor experienced in ministry and a committee of parishioners to design a plan for ministerial experience that will prepare him for serving as an ordained pastoral minister at the conclusion of the four-year formation program.

The focus of a student’s pastoral experience each semester is coordinated with other aspects of the program. Through the program, each student develops competencies essential to the role of presbyter and pastor, practices those skills with supervision, receives valuable feedback, reflects theologically on his experiences, and identifies his gifts for service and leadership in the Church.

In addition, seminarians participate in a one-credit course each semester which provides opportunities for theological reflection and integration of pastoral experiences.

Message from the Rector
The Saint Paul Seminary is the heart of the local Church, preparing and forming men for the priesthood and to be the light of Christ for the people of God. The seminary is necessary for priestly formation since it provides essential training and development after the model of Jesus Christ who was teacher, priest, and shepherd.

The Saint Paul Seminary prepares men for priesthood by instilling in them an abiding priestly identity and an ardent desire for priestly ministry while forming in them the true heart of a shepherd.

I invite and welcome those men who have heard and answered God’s call to priesthood to The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity to become a light of Christ!

Msgr. Aloysius R. Callaghan
Rector and Vice President

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