///Enhancing Communications

Enhancing Communications

Dear Parishioners,
Over the past year it has been encouraging to hear firsthand that parishioners enjoy reading the parish bulletin. That’s right—the bulletin. Now, not all are reading the printed version of the bulletin. Many read it online via the e-blast or web page instead. In fact, I actually get to see the numbers related to how many are viewing the bulletin from the e-blast and those stats are extremely high. So I know the bulletin has tremendous value at this parish. And, after all, you are reading it right now!

I especially appreciate the bulletin as an important organizational tool. Creating the bulletin each week forces me to coordinate all information and photos I’ve collected regarding the many different activities and events taking place at this busy parish. It funnels that information directly to parishioners, at no cost thanks to our bulletin advertisers.

What’s interesting is that Facebook has turned into a perfect complement to the bulletin. Facebook allows me to try out different messaging while actually measuring engagement in real time. It allows me to share parish news, as it happens. It provides the opportunity to use full color—at no added cost. With just one click it lets parishioners share our messages exponentially.

Despite the incredible opportunities the bulletin and Facebook provide, our web page is what I consider to be the “all roads lead to” gold standard for communications. Our web page is our best shot at being the most current source for information. I can update it quickly and from anywhere that offers internet access. If you don’t regularly view our homepage, I strongly encourage you to do so. I challenge you to learn something new about this parish by visiting www.StEdwardsChurch.org.

There are many other great communications vehicles,
too—Mass announcements, direct mail, posters, bulletin boards—and when I’m able to tap into all avenues, the expectation that parishioners are informed parishioners rises dramatically.

In part because we believe that informed parishioners have the best potential to become active parishioners, or more active parishioners, we as a staff are committed to communicating better. With that goal in mind, we are trying something new. Directors on staff will write bulletin articles throughout the year. Fr. Brian has graciously offered to share his space (usually page 2) inside the bulletin for publishing those articles. So going forward, expect to read more in-depth information regarding programming and events at the Church of St. Edward. Fr. Brian will still regularly write articles; but he won’t exclusively do so. Also, all articles will be published on our web page and shared via Facebook.

I’m excited about this fresh idea and look forward to reading and writing upcoming articles. I hope you do, too. Please feel free to send feedback anytime about communications at the Church of St. Edward. My contact information is 952-835-7101 x201 or mcavanaugh@stedwardschurch.org.

Melissa Cavanaugh
Director of Communications

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