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Forty-nine Years and Counting

Mine has been an eventful year (plus a few months) at this parish! I can honestly write that it has not ever been dull. Parishioners have continued to be supportive and helpful—incredibly so, and I am grateful. I am especially enjoying the 50th Anniversary Planning Committee in action. They are detail-oriented, committed and hard working—all qualities essential to good planning—and they know so much history about this parish. I’m looking forward to this year’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on September 10, 2017!

In addition to all the stirring Masses, liturgies and blessings, thought-provoking special speakers, and interesting events geared for all ages, there was a particularly unexpected opportunity for many to gather inside our building this past summer. As many of you know by now, Fr. Mike Tegeder, former pastor at the Church of St. Edward from 1998-2011, passed away after a short battle with cancer. Our current pastor, Fr. Brian Fier, beautifully wrote at the time, “his prophetic voice will be missed as we continue in our efforts to build a better Church and world.” Archbishop Hebda presided at the funeral Mass. Although all funeral Masses are special, this one was particularly beautiful and inspiring. It brought together so many and added another layer to the overall story of this lovely parish.

As someone who still felt like an outsider looking in, I heard music seemingly from the heavens and witnessed clergy gathered from near and far; along with Catholics of all ages and backgrounds brought together to honor a man who loved pastoral ministry and connected to people from all walks of life. I watched our whole parish staff—many of whom did not know Fr. Mike well and had not worked for him—respectfully and lovingly work together to offer a Mass that would be unforgettable for those who did know and love him. What a fitting tribute for a priest!

Truly this parish, on a regular basis—as further evidenced during our recent Christmas Masses—continues to offer beautiful music and liturgy to all those who come to us for worship. Please help spread the word about our very special parish. Talk to your neighbors and friends. Programming in 2017 will not disappoint and in fact begins with a special appearance from Archbishop Hebda on February 1st at 6:30pm. Our faith formation staff will be releasing a few new details soon and will offer ways for all ages to engage that evening. So plan to bring your whole household!

For all those who haven’t yet, please consider how your family can be included in our pictorial directory, which will be published in time for our 50th celebration. Also, if you would like to share any historical context to the evolution of this parish, please feel free to contact our 50th Anniversary Planning Committee chairperson, Joan Black, or anyone in the parish office. For myself, I am always collecting—that is, collecting stories and information that can be used in a wide variety of areas, especially as we move closer to our celebration of fifty years—so please share your stories!

In this our 49th year, let’s celebrate the memories of old while creating brand new ones as we continue to “build a better Church and world!”

Melissa Cavanaugh
Director of Communications

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