///Sing a New Song

Sing a New Song

Our opening song this weekend is Dan Schutte’s “Sing a New Song”. You may remember singing this song from our hymnal, yet this weekend you will be directed to the worship aid. Why is that? The first verse in our hymnal includes, “Yahweh’s people dance for joy…” In the past, the Vatican has ruled that the Name of God, “Yahweh”, should not be pronounced in Catholic liturgy. That name is not spelled out in any authorized translation of the Roman Missal. However, it has remained in some hymns. This hymn was updated in later editions of the Gather hymnal. (Note that we use the original version of Gather and that there have been multiple subsequent versions.) The version of this hymn that we sing this weekend, found in the worship aid, replaces that text with “Shout with gladness”.

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