2017 Pancake Breakfast

Third Annual Pancake Breakfast
Sunday, January 15, 2017

“A Great Day for Our Community!”

Over 70 volunteers + 4 event leaders + 2 KC co-chairmen + parish staff + 160 lbs of pancake mix + 241 lbs of sausage + gallons & gallons of milk, juice and coffee
= Over 800 happy pancake breakfast guests!

Pancake Breakfast Proceeds

The net proceeds from our January 15 pancake breakfast, hosted by the Knights of Columbus, is $13,232! Our total income was $15,252, with expenses totaling $2,020. The proceeds will go to our upcoming chapel renovation—a new prayer alcove honoring our Blessed Virgin Mary.

From our pastor, Fr. Brian Fier:

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in last Sunday’s 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser — from the Knights of Columbus, Washburn McReavy Funeral Homes, our parish staff, the 70+ volunteer workers, the 800+ people who enjoyed the meal, and many more who contributed to the success of this event. Last figure I heard was that the gross income was over $15,000. FANTASTIC! I especially enjoyed seeing the wonderful spirit of service shown throughout the fundraiser. We should be proud of our efforts.

We now have the necessary monies in order to move forward with our “Alcove for Mary” project. Feel welcome to contact me if you are interested in contributing to this effort to honor our Blessed Mother Mary and our former pastor Fr. Mike Tegeder. The completion date for the project is our upcoming celebration of St. Edward’s 50th Anniversary this September. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months.

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