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You make a difference! Because of your generosity, the 17 Collective Ministries of the Archdiocese reach over 200,000 people each year—the homeless, the hungry, the imprisoned, students in financial need, the disabled, the hospitalized, seminarians, missionaries, immigrants and American Indians. When we all join together in support we are able to do what no one individual or parish can do on its own. Read below to learn more about what the Catholic Services Appeal does—how it allows individual ministries to continue their important mission.

Pledge & Parish Goal
Please prayerfully consider making a pledge. Envelopes are in the pews this weekend and next. If our parish goal of $82,764 is met, a full 25% of the amount collected—$20,691—will come back to our parish!

Seventeen Collective Ministries of the Catholic Services Appeal
CSA’s 17 collective ministries are the shared ministries of this Archdiocese that no one parish can support on its own. The 17 Collective Ministries served by the Catholic Services Appeal are: American Indian Ministry; Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW); Campus Ministry (Newman Center); Campus Ministry (Saint Paul’s Outreach); Catholic Charities; Deaf Ministry; Elementary Schools; Evangelization and Catechesis; High School Scholarships; Hospital Chaplains; Latino Ministry; Marriage, Family and Life; Parishes; Prison Chaplains; Saint John Vianney College Seminary; The Saint Paul Seminary; and Venezuelan Mission.

Catholic Charities
Kerry, Minneapolis Resident
“Two years ago on April fifteenth, I moved into my own place,” Kerry, 57, says with a smile. “I love it. My apartment is a true blessing. It’s made me a better man. People notice a change in me and I see it in myself, too.” Kerry once slept on a shelter floor, until Catholic Charities opened Higher Ground Minneapolis in the summer of 2012. The transition from sleeping on the floor to having his own bunk at Higher Ground made a marked difference in Kerry’s life. “Higher Ground gave me a lot of confidence in myself and helped me physically and mentally. I got stability at Higher Ground,” he said. He now enjoys an 11th Avenue apartment near downtown Minneapolis. Money is tight, but Kerry doesn’t complain. He often returns to Catholic Charities’ Opportunity Center for meals, to meet with his housing counselor and for fellowship. “The system will help you if you want to help yourself. They see you helping yourself and they help you. I am so thankful to Catholic Charities and to Hennepin County,” he said.

Hospital Chaplains
Fr. Jules, Fairview Hospital Chaplain
“I am assigned at Fairview Hospital and every day I go to 15-20 visits, meeting patients and their family members. I minister to them—giving them Holy Communion, spiritual support, and Anointing of the Sick. I think our work [as Chaplains] is extended to all patients, [even those] coming from other Dioceses [such as] North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Many of those Catholics come to the Fairview hospitals and they are all so pleased that we, through our presence, show them the face of Christ. We show them that they are not alone in this difficult time especially when they are sick or have family members or friends that are sick. This ministry is very important to them knowing that the Church is there and supporting them. The priests who are assigned in the hospitals, as hospital chaplains, are truly helping them by providing spiritual need.”

Elementary Schools
Michael, President of Risen Christ Catholic School
“One day last year, I was in the hallway observing the beginning of the school day. A father walked past me into the school with his son. They stopped outside the first grade classroom and the boy turned to his father. The father leaned down towards his son and said some words quietly to him in Spanish as he touched the child’s forehead, chest, and each shoulder. He was making the sign of the cross—giving his son a blessing as he began his school day. As he dropped his son off at school that day, that father knew that his son’s knowledge of the Catholic faith would grow and become stronger at Risen Christ. He knew that his son would spend his day learning to read and write in his native tongue and in English. He knew that his son was entering a learning environment that would honor his culture. He knew that he would receive the tuition assistance needed to make his son’s Catholic education a reality. And, most importantly, he knew that his son would be treated with dignity and respect.”

Campus Ministry—Newman Center
Laura, Student at the University of Minnesota
“Being the only parish for the students at the University of Minnesota, hundreds of Catholic students file into St. Lawrence for Mass every Sunday. There is a sobering reality that the student sitting next to me one Sunday may fall away and choose to never come back again. But we have an opportunity each week to meet them and invite them into this community of faith. Just like we thirst for Christ’s love, they too are thirsting for Christ’s love and the community of St. Lawrence is on a mission to share it with them.”

American Indian Ministry
Sylvia, Parishioner at Church of Gichitwaa Kateri
“To be a part of such a rich culture brings a fullness to my life. I attend Masses at other churches sometimes and I can see how the communities are [at these churches] and they are all similar in some ways but also different. I’m so grateful that we have the gospel that’s read all over the world. We can bring what it means to our traditional people. A lot of people don’t realize that American Indians are still here on this earth, so it’s gratifying to see that we have this [American Indian Ministry] which has continued—that is what I’m really grateful for. I think our community as an American Indian Ministry has been around so long because there has always been that continuation of people coming in and seeing how it impacts their life and what it means to them and their family. I believe it’s always going to continue because the people are there for each other. I want everybody to realize how important each person is in this world. I want people to know that we are a part of [this world, too.] I want our American Indian ways to continue and everybody is welcome to share in [these ways] with us.”

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