(re)Treat Yo Self

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

This psalm can be used to help get us through an endless number of difficult life situations that we face. If we are stressed out from school or work, if we are facing difficult health news, if our finances aren’t where we’d like them to be, and the list goes on and on. Life is hard but if we remember that God is in control it can make everything a lot less stressful. That is the tricky part though. We can get so caught up in our messes and everyday lives that we forget to pause and remember that God is with us and in control of every area of our lives.

Every year our high school youth ministry team takes a retreat to Red Wing to do just that, pause and reflect. We call it our “Retreat Yo Self” weekend and the goal of it has two parts, “Be still” and “Know that I am God.” First, we want to encourage our students to take a step back and just hit pause on life. There is so much that is demanded from high school students today and we believe that it is so important for them to take a Sabbath and just rest. So we spent time doing just that, playing games, taking naps and watching movies. Secondly, we realize that taking a break can be nice but it won’t fix everything. That is why we need to know who God is. We spent time throughout our weekend digging into scripture and learning about how God calls us to love, obedience, sacrifice, integrity and commitment. Furthermore, by better recognizing how God has influenced our stories in the past, we become better able to understand God’s heart and where He might be calling us in the future. Our retreat weekend (February 3-5) was very refreshing and helped us come back ready to face whatever life had for us.

Matt Kenutis
Youth Ministry Assistant

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