As many of you may already know, on Friday, March 24th, we have our annual Lenten Fish Fry! But do you know why we host a fish fry each year? We host a fish fry each year as a fundraiser for our high school youth ministry’s summer mission trip. But believe it or not, sometimes this point gets lost. It’s easy to get caught up in the “meat fasts” on Fridays, planning our calendars months in advance to jump from fish fry to fish fry each week during the Lenten season. This year, I hope that you will consider making our fish fry a part of your calendar—and even more, I hope that you will consider inviting your friends and family to our fish fry—but for a reason other than the fish.

Will it be the cheapest fish fry? No, it’s a fundraiser. Will it be the best fish you’ve ever eaten? No, we’re not catering the Tin Fish, and believe it or not, we don’t catch all of our fish fresh from “Lake Edward” behind the church. Instead, I hope you come to our fish fry because it’s for a good cause. We have high school students in our parish who want to make a difference in the world, and by you showing up to this event, you are making a direct statement to them that they matter, that you believe in them, and that you are going to support them no matter what. So I ask you please, show up. If not physically, then in other ways. Let’s show the youth of our parish they are valued members of our community who are worth celebrating.

What if you can’t make it? We accept donations! And we have a drive-through in the parking lot. What if you don’t like fish? We have mac and cheese (and French fries, too!) What if you have kids? All the more reason! We will have games just for them! What if you have more to give? Then please consider donating more than the ticket price. We don’t make much money on tickets alone—but people would boycott the whole event if we charged $50 per ticket.

Where does my donation go? There’s no conspiracy here. Every dollar raised goes directly to help make the mission trip more affordable for the families of our youth. In past years, money raised at the fish fry has reduced the cost for each participant by 30%! This year, let’s shoot for 40%!

What is the mission? This year, we’ll be taking a group of 20 people to Billings, MT in July with Catholic Heart Work Camp—where we’ll be working on projects that help serve the elderly and low-income families in the Billings community.

Are there other ways to support the mission trip? Yes! We will need volunteers to help run the fish fry. Contact Patrick Smalley at the parish office for more information. We can also use your prayers. We will be handing out prayer intention cards before our trip in July so you can pray for us while we’re gone!

Patrick Smalley
Director of Confirmation, Youth & Adult Ministries

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