Dear Parishioners,
We write to inform you that the Parish Council has accepted our recommendation to suspend our parish’s work with Families Moving Forward (FMF).

Historically, FMF has been a very important social outreach mission for the Church of St. Edward. FMF leadership, parish staff and volunteers all worked closely together to host homeless families in our parish building several times annually. However, recent years included the departure of our Director of Social Justice, a decrease in the number of available parish volunteers, and major staffing reorganization at Beacon Interfaith
Housing/Families Moving Forward. These changes presented new challenges, with our FMF team leaders taking on new administrative responsibilities during regular business hours, in addition to the work of hosting families in the evening and overnight. Simply put, needed support was either unavailable or below minimal expectations.

The suspension of this program is done reluctantly and is a very difficult decision. We are all very passionate about this ministry and have spent many years working hard to make it a meaningful experience for guests and volunteers alike. We can take great pride in the work we have done during our long participation in the FMF program.

We are grateful for the commitment from so many over the years. We particularly want to acknowledge and thank our leadership team by name for their long hours and dedication to FMF families: Jerry Totall, Sue Wolf, Felicity Furber, Cheryl
Birkeland, and Gretchen Wronka.

Bridget Grotins and Wendy Cotter
FMF Co-Chairs, Church of St. Edward