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What do “Worship and Technology” have to do with each other? When you think about worship you probably think about attending Mass, praying, singing songs, and sharing in a time of communal praise to our God. When you think about technology you might think about your smartphone or television and likely think about computers and even, vexingly, why you can’t remember that last password you changed. So what could worship and technology possibly have to do with one another?

As you probably know, technology is in our lives everywhere—in our homes, in our cars, and even in our hands. The same is true in modern churches. Today’s sound systems and speakers are controlled by computers. Video screens (controlled by a computer) help parishioners engage in worship. Technology can help control lighting, making it easier to use and enhancing its effectiveness.

What does this have to do with our parish, you ask? Parishioners frequently comment about sound quality; and it’s often thought that we could improve lighting brightness and control. As we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our parish, it is also appropriate to recognize that many of our ‘systems’ in the church are original to the building, while others may have been updated along the way, albeit many years ago.

Last fall, a team was assembled to complete a Worship Technology Assessment (WTA). The team is led by the Director of Liturgy, Mychael Jones, and myself—Director of Music. The Worship Technology Team is comprised of about ten members, including parishioners and staff members, who have experience and expertise in the subjects of worship and/or technology. The team meets at least once a month and has been doing foundational work for what is forecasted to be a one to three year project.

The scope of this project includes evaluation and recommendation related to:
Acoustics inside the church
Sound system utilization inside the church, narthex, social hall, and chapel
Video systems inside the church, narthex, and social hall
Lighting enhancement and control within the church

Currently the team is actively having dialog with acoustical consultants regarding the space within the church, as well as starting to gather requirements for our future systems.

If you have expertise in the area of sound, video or lighting and are interested in participating with the work that the Worship Technology Team is undertaking, please contact Mychael or me in the parish office right away.

Craig Walker
Director of Music


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