“If Easter means anything to modern man it means that eternal truth is eternal. You may nail it to the tree, wrap it up in grave clothes, and seal it in a tomb; but ‘truth crushed to earth, shall rise again.’ Truth does not perish; it cannot be destroyed. It may be distorted; it has been silenced temporarily; it has been compelled to carry its cross to Calvary’s brow or to drink the cup of poisoned hemlock in a Grecian jail, but with an inevitable certainty after every Black Friday dawns truth’s Easter Morn.”
~Donald Harvey Tippet: Pastor

Dear Fellow Parishioners:
Easter greetings! The above quote is one of my favorite Easter reflections. Reverend Tippet served as a bishop in the Methodist Church during the late twentieth century and was also a noted religious author. His insight reminds us of the central place the Easter celebration has in our faith journey. I pray that as we begin this wonderful “50-day party” we will always remember the truth that underlies all that we are as Christians and Catholics—Jesus Christ has risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

May God bless us as we journey forward to celebrate this great truth. Remember always that we are a people of the Paschal Mystery. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ inspire and guide all that we are and all that we do as people of faith. May we always strive to embrace the way our Lord and Savior has given the world. Yes, we are a people of faith, hope and love.

Easter blessings,
Fr. Brian