“Mary’s Alcove”

Dear Fellow Parishioners,
Recently parish leaders have entered into a discussion of “Mary’s Alcove,” our upcoming chapel renovation. To better understand the parameters of this project, here are a few highlights from a past article:

Why? Here are some of the reasons behind this project:
We have a space available in the chapel that is currently unused; namely, the second confessional. As I look to the future, I do not believe our parish will ever need a second confessional; thus, the space is available for another use.
Currently our votive light stand is a safety hazard. This danger can be eliminated by moving the stand into the new alcove.
Although our chapel has a beautiful banner honoring Mary, I think we can do even better. By having a statue dedicated to our Blessed Mother in the chapel, we will be able to display a variety of banners/pictures throughout the year (e.g., Divine Mercy).
The new alcove will take the place of the south confessional. It will offer people the opportunity for personal prayer without disturbing those in the chapel.

…A BIG THANKS to the Knights of Columbus for their support—note how fitting it is to have the Marian Council be the primary backers of this project dedicated to our Blessed Mother. Finally, in keeping with our parish tradition of honoring previous pastors (the foyer was dedicated to Bishop Paul Dudley and the social hall was dedicated to Fr. Martin Shallebetter), I believe “Mary’s Alcove” should be dedicated to our beloved Fr. Mike Tegeder. I have talked with the Tegeder family, and they are excited at the possibility. What a great way to honor Fr. Mike. Construction should begin this spring/summer. The dedication will be done by Archbishop Hebda at next September’s celebration of our “50th Feast of St. Edward.” Thank you everyone for your support.

A few more details:
1) St. Patrick’s Guild will be overseeing the project. I have asked our Building and Maintenance Committee to review their plans.
2) I believe we have found the perfect Marian statue that will also honor Fr. Mike. Please contact me if you would like to offer the statue as a gift in memory of a loved one. The cost will be $4,000. This would be a lovely way to honor someone special to you and your family.

I hope this helps clarify some of the questions that have recently surfaced. As always, feel welcome to contact me if you have further input.

Easter blessings,

Fr. Brian

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