Cutting & Kitting Night Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who came and cut and kitted all the craft material for Campamento 2017! Twenty volunteers—campamento travelers, past travelers, future travelers, and our important non-traveling supporters—came ready to work (on May 23rd). We started at 6:30pm and were done by 7:30pm—incredible. All this help improves camp. Instead of doing this prep work while there, travelers can spend time with the girls. I hope you all enjoyed it and will come back next year. Thank you and peace!”
~from Ann McGuire

Campamento 2017
This summer, women from our parish will travel to Teresa Toda to deliver a fun VBS-type camp, called Campamento, to a home for very poor girls run by Carmelite nuns in the Dominican Republic. If you want to learn about becoming a traveler in July, contact Ann at or 952-239-3488. Other ways to get involved include:
Song Books: A brand new way to support Teresa Toda and the mission trip this summer is to purchase a bilingual hymnal for $15.00. Write a check to “Church of St. Edward” and make sure to indicate that your donation is for Teresa Toda hymnals.
Shoes & Backpacks: Clean, sturdy backpacks and two types of shoes (32 pairs in all) have been requested; view specifications and shoe sizes at
Donate: Donations like health and school supplies will be collected soon at our parish.
Contact: Ann McGuire at 952-239-3488 or e-mail for more information.



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