Changing Lives

Ruth Lopez Chavarilla is the mother of three children, Jaqueline 17, Katarine 10 and Hammington 13 months old. She makes tortillas for a living in her home.

Jacqueline was born while her mother was still single but that was not a problem because her parents were to be married soon. Unfortunately her father, a policeman, died before that could happen. Unfortunately she and her mother were not able to apply for aid because Jaqueline’s grandmother secretly applied for her son’s benefits and received them and there was nothing Ruth could do.

Jacqueline had a difficult birth and she suffers from constant seizures. She can’t do anything for herself, is still in diapers, and her mother must meet her every need.

Eventually Ruth found another man and they had two children together Katerine and Hammington. Life is tough because Jacqueline needs a tremendous amount of care and she screams and cries out most of the night. Unfortunately Ruth’s husband couldn’t take it anymore and left her and the three children two months ago.

This was a devastating blow to Ruth both financially and emotionally. She is exhausted but still carries on the best she can.

The family has been receiving FMSC food for one year. It has been a tremendous blessing to all of them. Even Jaqueline who is still very thin because of the seizures and constant movement is never sick. The family is very grateful for this help and doesn’t know what they would do without it.

No one knows what the future holds for Jaqueline but with the help of kind neighbors and FMSC life is better for them than it could be.

Sue Kellett, St. Edward’s Parishioner, writing after an August mission trip to Nicaragua

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