Dear Parish Community-

These past weeks our parish leaders have encouraged every parish family to embrace our CELEBRATING TODAY, PLANNING FOR TOMORROW Program. We believe that our church has so much to offer to those in the Bloomington and extended community. We are a beacon of hope for those in need, for those suffering, for those who are hungry, searching, and need our prayers and assistance in a multitude of ways. We are also there for our parish family through the administration of the sacraments, the celebration of Mass, and the Holy Eucharist. How blessed we are to be able to serve so many in our parish and broader community!

We are called by God to continue to advance our mission and to build up God’s Kingdom here in Bloomington. There are so many more people who need our assistance. There is so much more work to be done. The reality is that we will always need resources to do God’s work. Until the needy are clothed, the hungry are fed, and the Gospel is spread to the ends of the earth, we will need resources.

Many of you have already submitted your Commitment Card to the church and have committed your offertory support to continue to advance our parish mission. Thank you! Many of you have not yet submitted your commitment card. Our goal through this initiative is 100% participation from our parish community. Please turn in your Commitment Card this week if you have not already done so. Complete and return a Commitment Card even if you plan to make no change to your current giving.  Even if you can’t commit to giving anything right now, complete a Commitment Card.

Finally, please pray for our parish, and please become involved in the life of our church by joining a ministry to help serve those in need. The Church of St. Edward is a wonderful parish because of YOU and what each one of you contributes. Your offering of time, talent and treasure will make a difference!

I thank you for your generosity and am humbled by your sacrifice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

May the Lord continue to bless us and the work we are doing!

Fr. Brian