Chapel Renovations

Over the past several months, improvements have been underway to our Blessed Sacrament Chapel. This past fall work was completed on our Alcove for Mary which features a beautiful statue and was dedicated in memory of Father Mike Tegeder. This enhancement was unveiled at our 50th Anniversary Mass on September 10, 2017.

Within the last month, the sanctuary has been greatly enhanced with the addition of a baldachin and adjustments to the altar table and cross. A baldachin is a canopy over the tabernacle which is intended to protect and draw focus to the tabernacle. The use of a baldachin had its beginnings as a cloth canopy. The word was originally a luxurious type of cloth from Baghdad, from which the name is derived. Our baldachin was custom built by a local woodworking artisan.

The altar in our chapel is further beautified by restoring the altar table to its center position under the lights designed for that purpose. The cross has been raised to a higher location as is appropriate for its importance.

The piano in the chapel has been upgraded with a digital Clavinova keyboard that will improve the sound in the chapel for those times when we have music such as the monthly Young at Heart Masses.

Our chapel is a beautiful space in our facility and may also be considered for smaller weddings and funerals. The improvements to our chapel were made possible through the generous donations of parishioners like you to whom we give our thanks. You are encouraged to stop in to take a look at the chapel and appreciate all that it has to offer.

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