Determined Couples Brave Winter Storm to Attend Cana Dinner at St. Edward!

Many thanks to the “Minnesota tough” couples who ventured out during a winter storm to attend the 2018 Cana Dinner. Such a commitment to celebrating their marriages!

All couples renewed their wedding vows during 5:00 Mass. Afterwards in the social hall, Deacon Jim said grace and everyone enjoyed a delicious candlelight dinner surrounded by friends. Couples were encouraged to get their picture taken at the photo booth commemorating this epic event.

Milestone anniversaries were acknowledged with gifts of chocolate. Gift certificates were handed out as well. The program consisted of a marriage survey game giving us data to prove that these St. Ed’s couples like to have fun and are still deeply in love with each other. The rest of the evening was spent dancing, talking to friends and watching the snow storm out the windows. We also had a special guest appearance from the children who came upstairs from babysitting and showed us all their dance moves.

Thanks again to all those couples who ventured out in the snow storm to attend the Cana Dinner, you were an inspiration! Also, thanks for all the hard work done by the members of the Cana Dinner Committee: Mike and Grayce Grohovsky, Jeff and Lois Johnson, Herman and Sharon Viagas, Steve Madej, and our wonderful Director of Community Life, Donna Rubio!

Mike & Sherron Gaughan, Co-Chairs and Hosts of the Cana Dinner