The family Herrera Espinosa have lived in a rustic 2 room house in the rural neighborhood of Valle el Lipululo outside of Jinotega Nicaragua for 15 years. This is a little enclave of poverty where the poorest of the poor exist trying to stay alive year after year. The wooden houses are poorly constructed and barely held together by nails and wire. There is no foundation and part of the home is plastic. The roof is corrugated zinc that lets in rain and the floor is dirt which quickly turns to mud.

There are 11 family members living in this house: (besides a pig and 2 ducks)
Angelica Maria Herrera 39
Jose Agustin Espinoza 40
Franklin Agustin Espinoza 21
Anderson David Espinoza 18
Toni Alexander Espinoza 19
Escarlet Tatiana Espinoza 16
Jose Agustin Espinoza 13
Andi Yolibet Espinoza 11
Luana Massiel Espinoza 10
Guadalupe de Los Angeles Espinoza 9
Angelica Paola Espinoza 4

Jose the father of the family works in agriculture in the nearby fields planting, spraying both fertilizer and pesticides as well as harvesting crops such as potatoes, cabbage and onions. He works for other farmers as they have no land of their own. Angelica the mother is a housewife dedicated to caring for their many children.

All of the older children go to school. They walk downhill about 20 minutes to get there but it takes over a half hour when they return because of the steepness of the muddy path. The oldest son Franklin is studying to be a math teacher. Angelica hopes some of the other children will also become teachers.

The family has been receiving MannaPack Rice™ for 8 months. They all love the rice and “meat” Actually she said “it doesn’t harm the children!” so we asked the question another way. She cooks it with squash, tomatoes, green pepper and onions when they have it.

Angelica said there have been times when they have been crying in the morning from hunger but in the afternoon when the food comes they cry from happiness and thanksgiving.

Submitted by Sue Kellett; Nicaragua, March 2018