Your contributions of school supplies in the past have made it possible for thousands of children and youth to start the school year positioned for success. Thank you for making that possible.

Over the past year, VEAP has worked with leadership and staff in our local school districts to understand what the classroom teachers need most to support students throughout the school year. We learned teachers need access to an inventory of school supplies all year long to keep students prepared to learn. However, conducting school supply drives and collecting donations is not something the schools and teachers are equipped to do. That is where VEAP, and you, come in.

To best meet the needs of families, students and teachers, this summer VEAP will collect and sort school supplies and then distribute those supplies to the schools. Teachers know many of the students that may need help filling a backpack. During pre-school meet and greets and orientations they can make sure that every student has the supplies they need to be ready for the first day of school and the year ahead.

What supplies are most needed? Backpacks, earbuds, USB thumb drives and calculators are the most needed items. As times have changed, so have the items that students need for school. Your donations of the above mentioned items in addition to the standard pencils, pens and paper will help students succeed.

St. Ed’s will once again be hosting a VEAP School Supply Drive from July 16 – August 1. Please donate generously for students in need.