Autumn is a time of ripeness, abundance, harvest.  It is a time that we begin to turn inward and await for the rebirth of Spring.  Autumn is also a time that we assess our spiritual harvest, our Treasure.  It is a time to reflect and consider our commitment to our Stewardship of Treasure. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.  Matthew 6:21

Early in the new year, we will look to our upcoming commitment to Stewardship of Time and Talent.  It is an exciting time as we begin to plan for activities of the new academic year that resume each August and September.

With hope, prayer and commitment, stewardship is infused in our thoughts and spiritual practice year-round.  St. Peter (4:8) writes:  Put your gifts at the service of one another.  By doing so, stewardship truly becomes our way of life.

As you reflect on your financial contribution, you may realize:

As with any home, it takes money to “keep the lights on”. In other words, we must maintain our facilities and pay our staff.

Why St. Edward’s is such a special place to you as an individual. We value our parish as our spiritual home, and we want to see it remain a strong and vibrant community of faith.

That you value and want to support the many ministries that make up the good works of our parish.

  • Worship and Liturgy, including the music ministry and all other liturgical ministers, lectors, commentators, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, and, of course, the presider
  • Pastoral care, taking care of those with special spiritual or physical needs through counseling, Stephen Ministry, nursing home and hospital visits, and funeral ministry
  • Faith formation, educating both children and adults, and sacramental preparation for baptism, reconciliation, Eucharist, confirmation and matrimony
  • Social Justice outreach, through our support of many activities outside of the parish
  • Community life, supporting all of the activities that help us build and maintain relationships

And last, but hardly least, we share the conviction that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God. And we are called to return to God a portion of what we have been given.

  • We give from our first fruits and not from what is left over.
  • Our giving is sacrificial, it is a meaningful part of our household budget
  • We work towards the benchmark of tithing, giving away 10% of our income, 5% to the parish and 5% to the poor and other charities.

All parish households will soon receive information in the mail about stewardship renewal and our special Commitment Weekend ceremony at the masses on October 27 and 28.  Please thoughtfully and prayerfully consider what your financial commitment will be for the year ahead.

Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs