Our Worship Technology Team has spent the last 2½ years working to understand the needs of our church and how best to implement improved technology in our main worship space. Over this period of time, the scope and direction of the project has been adjusted at different times as our priorities have become clearer. The scope of the project currently includes a new sound system in our main worship space, video projection in our worship space, and the relocation of our music area to the front right side of church.
We will be excited to see this project come to fruition in the middle of this year. The target implementation timeframe is late spring/early summer. During the implementation you may notice work in progress but effort will be made to keep any disruption to a minimum.
The project has three main components:

  1. Sound
    A new sound system will feature speakers that will fill our worship space with sound that is easy to understand without any spaces where coverage is inadequate. The system will include state of the art audio equipment that will support our mission to convey the word of God through the spoken word and in song. The new system will also include a new hearing assistance system that supports the latest technology. In addition to traditional over the ear hearing assistance, it will also support T-coil technology that will work with your compatible hearing aid devices.
    Estimated Cost: $271,000
  2. Video
    The heart of our new video system will be two projection screens at the front of the church on each side of the altar. The words to our songs, acclamations, and prayers will be projected on these screens replacing our aging hymnal and worship aids. We will be able to display illustrations in support of the homily and video as appropriate to support our ministry. Through the use of the video screens, those in the assembly will be able to be more engaged in the worship experience by looking forward and participating instead of trying to follow along in a book or worship aid. The sound and video systems will be controlled from a new booth that will be constructed for that purpose near the back of the church on the side towards the current music area.
    Estimated Cost: $80,000
  3. Proposed floor plan of the relocated music ministry area in the worship space.

    Music Area Relocation
    Our music ministry has evolved significantly over the last many months, but the goal remains the same; to lead the assembly in worship together. This will be more effective with the music area located in the front right of our worship space. A new space will be created for our music ministry in this area that includes space for our choirs, worship band, as well as our beautiful grand piano and the organ console. The space currently used by the music ministry will be replaced with relocated pews for assembly seating.
    Estimated Cost: $140,000

Project Funding:
Funding for more than half of the project has been received largely through a bequest from Dottie and Earl Lillestrand. The remaining cost will be financed with a promissory note. Earnings from an investment established with the remaining Lillestrand gift and other bequests will be available to cover the note payments. Payments toward the principal of this note will be made as gifts are received.