Workers remove pews and the choir platform as the project kicks off.

Work began the first week of June on our project for new sound and video as well as the music area relocation. During the weeks ahead, there will be activity on the right side of the worship space, from the back to the front.

There are a couple items to which we’d like to call your attention. 

  1. Certain sections of seating will not be available—notably the right side of the worship space and part of the center, back, in front of the organ pipes.
  2. Our music ministry area is temporarily relocated to the middle back of church. This includes the grand piano, guitar, bass, and drums. For Masses including a choir (Pentecost, funerals, etc.) the choir is also temporarily relocated in that area.
  3. During most of this time of work, our pipe organ will not be playable due to relocation of the console.

Twenty-three pews were removed from the north end of the worship space and are being stored for re-installation at the end of the project.  Demo was completed on the choir platform and any extra light fixtures were removed. Using ground-penetrating radar our contractor located utilities in the floor in order to drill three holes down through the floor in the back of the worship space that will be the route for the sound, video and electricity for the technology booth.

With our music ministry temporarily relocated to the middle back of church, the sound will now be coming through the main system, and thus the speakers at the front of the worship space.  So, where you are used to hearing the music sound to your side or back, it will now come from the front, as it will with the new system when it is installed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to enhance our worship space.