Dear Parishioners,
I want to let you know of a capital needs project we are going to accomplish in later February/early March.  After 30 years, we are going to be re-carpeting the worship space and re-painting the ceiling.

If you look closely at the old music area that was in the back corner of the worship space, you will see where numerous carpet remnants have been stitched together to cover the old choir area.  If you look at other parts of the worship space you’ll see where the carpet is very worn and faded, and even fraying in spots.  If you look up at the ceiling, you’ll also see that after many decades, it’s pretty dirty and discolored. There are also spots in the ceiling where we did the best we could to “cover over” where the old sound system was removed.

The carpet and ceiling project has three parts:

  1. Removal (and reinstallation) of the pews
  2. Repainting the ceiling in a clean bright white
  3. Replacing the carpet with a durable “neutral” choice (browns, beiges and greys) that coordinates well with the brick walls, the wood of the pews and the Altar Sanctuary tile

This project had originally been planned for late summer, but in consultation with the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the Trustees and the Finance Council, we’ve decided to move up the timeline to take advantage of our lower numbers of people in the worship space during Covid-19.  By phasing things in over a few weeks and doing a section at a time, it should be possible to coordinate the project without disrupting the in-person Mass schedule.
The total cost of the project should be around $84,000.  By combining all three pieces of the project under one contractor/company we will be saving a significant amount of money.

Important to note:  The monies for the project are coming from what remains of the “Fortieth Anniversary Fund” that was designated for “capital improvements.”  That money (about $40,000) has been sitting in the fund for about 14 years.  The other half of the money being used for the project is from a designated gift.  Because of this, there should be no impact to our operating budget.

I want to especially thank those who donated to the Fortieth Anniversary Fund all those years ago, and those who have more recently donated some “special gifts” for improvements here at St. Ed’s.  We are so blessed and grateful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

God bless you and our wonderful community of St. Edward as we worship God with grateful hearts.

Fr. Rick