How can we as a Church better pass on our beautiful Catholic faith whether in our homes or in the broader world? The Archdiocesan Synod kicks into high gear this fall and your input is needed to help Archbishop Hebda chart the course for this local Church. St. Edward will be forming several small groups to discuss and give feedback on priorities within each Synod focus area. Each small group of 8-10 will meet for six sessions between September 19 and November 14.

What will be discussed in Synod small groups?

Three Focus Areas: Small groups will discuss the three focus areas that arose from feedback given in the Prayer and Listening events.

Focus area #1: Forming parishes that are in the service of evangelization.
Focus area #2: Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus’ love and respond to his call.
Focus area #3: Forming youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.

Why should I participate in a Synod small group?

Help Archbishop Hebda move the Archdiocese forward.

  • Ideas generated in small groups will assist Archbishop Hebda in determining the Archdiocesan Synod Assembly topics.
  • Those topics will guide Archbishop Hebda as he creates the Pastoral Plan for the future of the Archdiocese.

Discover more about the Catholic faith with St. Edward through small groups.

  • Build strong fellowship and community, connecting you with Christ, others, and our parish.
  • Dig deeper into the focus areas by examining Scripture, Church teaching, and today’s cultural context.
  • Share how God has worked in your life and the lives of others.

For more information email Donna Rubio or visit the Synod webpage.