The Synod process is taking place over three years in our Archdiocese, culminating at Pentecost 2022! It is time to take the next step: the Parish Consultation with small groups. Using the feedback from the Prayer and Listening Events, we will come together to respond to and propose solutions that will help inform the next steps of the Synod process. At St. Edward, the results of the small group discussions may also be used as part of our Parish Coach goal-setting process. This is an opportunity to help determine future directions for the parish.

In small groups this fall, our parish will:

  1. Pray for God’s guidance on how we can more vigorously proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!
  2. Learn the Church’s wisdom on the Synod focus area topics.
  3. Discuss your perspective and ideas with other parishioners.
  4. Respond with your feedback on Archdiocesan priorities to proclaim the Good News in our culture today.

Synod Small Groups will be meeting starting in September. Each group will consist of a facilitator, scribe, and up to eight group members. Once formed, each group will decide on a day and time to meet each week. Small Groups are forming now!