Together our parish is putting together St. Edward’s Game Plan and you may not have even known it!
So much has been happening, with ample opportunities lately to give input and contribute your opinion.

Here’s how the processes have been working:

st Edwards game plan


In February of 2020, many of you took part in the parish-wide Disciple Maker Index (DMI) Survey, conducted by Catholic Leadership Institute as part of the Archdiocesan Synod Process. The survey allowed you to reflect on your individual spiritual growth and discipleship, as well as identify ways in which the parish supports that growth. The results highlighted not only our strengths as a parish, but also areas with an opportunity for improvement.

st Edwards game plan


Meanwhile, Prayer and Listening Events had already begun as part of the Pre-Synod process. Feedback from these events led to three focus areas that have been the topic of conversation in our Synod Small Groups.

As a result of the Synod Small Groups, both the Archdiocese and St. Edward collected over 1,000 responses including your opinions, experiences, hopes and dreams for our church.

st Edwards game plan


Late in 2019, the Parish Council began to discern the possibility of hiring a parish coach. The goal was to assist our leadership with formulating a plan to strengthen the spiritual and financial health of the parish. The process stalled during the height of the pandemic, but earlier this year, the Parish Council chose a coach from the Catholic Leadership Institute. Work with the Parish Coach and our envisioning team began this summer and will continue into 2022.

st Edwards game plan


Now, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.
All your hard work will help our envisioning team and the Parish Coach to develop the parish vision and priorities by early next year. Your hopes and dreams will inform us as we write our vision statement and determine the top three priorities we should focus on as a parish over the next three to five years.

You are a part of making this happen.
Your feedback is contributing to the final outcome.


The beauty in this process is you will never be left to wonder “where did this vision and priorities come from?”