Dear Parishioners,

As many of you know, after 34 years of priesthood, I’ll be taking a sabbatical from July 1 through the end of October. Although priests in our Archdiocese are eligible for a sabbatical every seven years, this is actually the first time I will be taking one. Because of assignment changes, scheduling issues, parish priorities over the years and even things like Covid, the timing for taking a sabbatical just never quite worked – until now.

A sabbatical is typically thought of as a time of rest and renewal, perhaps some travel and often some further study and formation. My sabbatical will include all these elements. I’ll be spending the first part of the sabbatical at my Cabin up north before traveling to the UK. My journey will include connecting with my ancestral and religious roots in England, Scotland and Wales. One of my goals is to research further how part of the Banker Clan became Anglican during the English Reformation and others remained Catholic. That part of my religious ancestry has always fascinated me. I plan to end my sabbatical time with a Jesuit-style retreat at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Arizona.

I am so grateful for the opportunity of a sabbatical at this time in my ministry. I am also very grateful to be blessed with an excellent staff, administrator and lay leaders who I know will keep St. Edward’s from skipping a beat during my absence. Our community will also be blessed with some truly wonderful priests who will be helping out during my time away.

Please keep me in your prayers during my journey and know that you and this incredible community of St. Edward’s will be in my prayers each and every day.

God bless you all.

With love,

Fr. Rick