Youth on Computer

In May, one of the first five recipients of the Tegeder Fund grant requests was 30,000 Feet, whose mission is to provide creative learning experiences and tech apprenticeships for marginalized youth. The Tegeder Committee recently received this testimonial from Vanessa Young, who wrote:

“The $5,000.00 was used to purchase 16 Chrome Computers for youth who live below the federal poverty line, and participate in the 30,000 Feet Tech Geek program. These computers from the funds from St. Edward’s Church, will allow the youth to work in hybrid settings, and provide them and their families access to use the computer to complete other school work, job applications, and also conduct doctor visits online via telehealth.  The funds came at a time when 30,000 Feet was enrolling a cohort of 25 high school youth in tech geeks, and inventory was getting low.” 

Stay tuned for more inspirational stories of how The Tegeder Fund is making an impact in our local community!