The Tegeder Committee recently received a letter of thanks from Banyan Community, one of the first five recipients of the Tegeder Fund grant requests in May of this year. Banyan received a grant in the amount of $5,252. Along with the letter they sent a picture of one of the computer work stations.

Youth on Computer

Dear Stewards of the Father Mike Tegeder Fund,
We are very grateful for your support to replace two staff computers and all the monitors in our computer lab. Our computer lab is used by youth in our after school program to do homework, conduct research, learn about financial literacy, apply for jobs, college, scholarships, and complete financial aid forms. Our parents also have access to the computer lab during the day for many of the same uses – job search and application, school forms, etc.
Banyan provides a critical link to technology that helps to eliminate the digital divide that impacts low income youth to engage, learn and experiment. Our 15-station computer lab (along with staff and mentors providing support and guidance to navigate tasks) provides for many hands-on learning opportunities.
Our lab monitors were on their last legs – flickering and going dark at inopportune times. Increased use and wear/tear related to COVID 19 and distance learning definitely accelerated the replacement time!
Thanks to you, we were ready to welcome youth back this fall with new and improved monitors so they could start the year with reliable equipment!!
Thank you for your generosity and commitment to following the legacy left by Father Mike to display kindness through outreach in the community at times of need. This was definitely one of those times! Banyan youth (and adults) are set up for digital success as the school year gets under way.
In partnership,
Sue Riesgraf, Development and Marketing Director