Dear Parishioners,

Together our St. Edward family has been on a journey that brings each of us here to share our story. Each one of us has arrived here through friends, family, neighbors and circumstances in our lives that end up not so incidental. On my many walks through our beautiful parish and neighborhood, I can’t help but think of how together, we have built this special place together over so many years. You have been so faithful and I am so grateful for you!

Who would have thought that we would have endured a pandemic, nurturing each other through the alone times and coming together again to “Gather” around a community spaghetti dinner and outdoor mass. We receive sacraments that leave indelible marks on us. We celebrate holidays and send loved ones off to our Lord Jesus in eternal rest. These are the things that resonate in our lives as meaningful – they are the things that make us a community of faith.

It is an honor to serve as your pastor and I am asking you to journey with me again. Take that walk with me through the parish grounds and think of what resonates for you – what is your St. Edward story? As you think of the things that make this a spiritual home for you and your family, please reflect on your commitment to St. Edward. Many of you serve this parish with your time and talent and I am filled with gratitude for all that you do!

During this time of year, we are asked to make an intentional decision about our financial support of St. Edward. This year, please think about doing something to strengthen our parish as we emerge from the pandemic. Is it possible to offer a gift of gratitude to God for the beautiful story that is St. Edward? Would you consider increasing your already generous weekly or monthly gift? Perhaps you could begin giving if it has not been a part of your faith journey? If your financial situation allows, maybe you would consider a larger year-end gift to St. Edward?

In the coming days and weeks, I will be asking you to complete an offertory commitment card. This helps us plan to keep our ministries vital, our service to the community at the forefront of who we are and our care for each other at the center of our family of faith. I am so grateful for all your support and I ask you to prayerful reflect on my request.

May you and your family receive every blessing!

Rev. Rick Banker, Pastor


2022 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
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