Administration Ministries

Sharing our God-given talents

As a parish, we are called to “practice what we preach” and we encourage all to participate in some way.


Parish Council

The Parish Council has two critical functions. It is an advisory body to the pastor that guides the many wonderful ministries of our parish. It is also a visioning body that assists the pastor and staff in planning and administration of the parish. The role of our Parish Council is to be the group that answers the question: “Where are we going?”

For more on the Parish Council, including information about Council Members as well as minutes from Council meetings, please visit the Parish Leadership page.

2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report

Finance Council

The Finance Council serves as a consultative body which makes recommendations to the pastor concerning the temporal goods of the parish. It monitors the parish’s financial strength, accounting procedures, and internal controls.

In addition to reviewing the parish’s monthly financial statements, the Finance Council also participates in the preparation of the parish’s annual operating budget, the annual report to parish membership, and the financial reporting to the Archdiocese.

Craig Siiro; Chair, Ann Cattoor, Jack Goedderz; Intern, John Povolny, Christine Schreier, Fr Rick Banker; Pastor, Mike Petruconis; Parish Administrator 

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is a group which assists the parishioners in discerning their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. These three classic elements of stewardship can be seen in how we PRAY, how we SERVE, and how we GIVE. The committee helps plan and implement the annual stewardship campaign for material support of the parish and its ministries. This committee is open to all who would like to help other parishioners discern their various gifts.


Money Counters

The money counters are a group of dedicated parishioners who count the weekly offerings and donations. They play an important part in preserving the integrity of the parish’s internal control structure. Donations are separated by category, and then monies are double counted. The counters are expected to maintain strict confidentiality in their ministry so as to preserve the trust of donors and security of their offerings. If you are interested in joining the money counting teams, please contact the parish office.



The goal of Communications is to promote engagement with our parish, our community and beyond. We strive for communications that are:

  • Supportive Active programming is treated with care, precision and importance
  • User-Friendly Inclusive communications that meet people where they are
  • Effective Communications that are useful to all who show interest in our parish
  • Complementary A branding that is recognizably the “Church of St. Edward
  • Engaging Welcoming and inclusive graphics and language that invite all to join our parish

Building and Grounds Committee

Part of our stewardship responsibility includes taking care of the parish’s physical plant. Parishioners with backgrounds in contracting, architecture, electrical work, facility management and maintenance engineering volunteer their expertise and help the parish properly maintain the church building and grounds. This committee helps plan long-term capital improvements as well as assists in the request and review of proposals for major repairs. This group is always considering ways to improve the efficiency and environmental footprint of the parish campus. If you are interested in being a part of this dynamic group, please contact the parish office.

lock and key

Lock-up Crew

A vital ministry and part of the Building and Grounds Committee, the Lock-up Crew is responsible for securing the building at night after all the programs of the day have been completed. This committee is made up of five teams with each team making a minimal time commitment. New members of the lock up crew are always welcome! To get involved, contact the parish office.