We Are St Edward’s – Sharing God’s Gifts

Living as faithful stewards is no small task. Stewardship is caring and sharing completely; it is the Christian’s way of life. The fundamental meaning of stewardship is simple—everything belongs to God. We have all received gifts (in the sense of different skills) as well as material treasures. The Church of St. Edward encourages and invites you to share both. The traditional formulation of stewardship calls our focus to three elements: time, talent and treasure.

Time and Talent

Put your gifts at the service of one another.  1 Peter 4:8

Parishioners of all ages are encouraged to share their time and talents in support of ministries here at the Church of St. Edward and in the community at large. We are blessed with unique gifts, which become even richer when they are shared generously with those around us!


For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.  Matthew 6:21

Like our possessions, money is a gift from God. As stewards, we are asked to care for and generously share our treasure to our own benefit and the good of others. Returning to God a portion of our treasure is giving for the sake of giving, without being asked, and without regard as to how our gifts will be used. This challenges us to engage in faith-based giving. Offerings are taken during Mass or you may arrange to have a designated amount automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a routine basis. Learn about our automated giving options.


For questions please contact Michelle Cowling, Chair of our Stewardship Committee.