High School Grades 10-12

We seek to provide an environment for students to grow and mature in their walk with Jesus.

Acts 29 is our peer ministry team for grades 10-12 that meets on Wednesday nights during the school year from 6:00-8:00pm.

There are 28 chapters in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. We find that it is our duty to pick up where they left off–challenging us to live our lives as disciples of Christ. One way we can do that is by serving as a peer minister. This leadership team is open to all confirmed students in grades 10 through 12. An application is required. Upon being accepted, students are placed in roles such as leading Confirmation, middle or elementary small groups.

Responsibilities of Acts 29 peer ministry team members include:

  • Attend every Wednesday night. If you are unable to attend, you must contact Patrick and your co-leaders no later than the Monday before programming. No more than three Wednesdays throughout the year may be missed.
  • Arrive no later than 6:15pm.
  • Attend our annual spring Confirmation Retreat.
  • Listen twice as much as you speak in your small groups. In other words, ask more questions than you give answers. Remember: it’s about them.
  • Conduct yourselves in a manner that represents the Church of St. Edward and its values both at church and in the community.
  • Complete and submit the Acts 29 Application in August.

Base Camp is our post-Confirmation youth group for grades 10-12 that meets on Wednesday nights during the school year from 7:45-8:30pm.

This is a time for students to grow in their faith as they worship through music, hear testimonies, learn from relevant biblical teaching and connect with one another.  Base Camp is meant to take students deeper in their faith through practical teaching and helping our students think Biblically in response to the issues they face in the world today.

Base Camp also includes special events like holiday parties, a broomball tournament with other Bloomington Churches, retreats, a cabin weekend and many more. Check here for updates on upcoming special events.


All high schoolers are invited to this MEA retreat at Castaway Camp in Detroit Lakes MN along with other Bloomington churches!
MEA Getaway is perfectly situated over the long weekend of MEA fall break. Just in time for you to break your routine and go spend some quality time with some quality people. It’s Up North. As in, AWAY. (Part of this was right in the title, so you got a freebie there.) Life is lived large at camp. There are giant hot tubs, a giant swing, and giant cookies. At MEA Getaway there is time to laugh, play, chill with friends, and dig into what does it mean to follow Jesus.
Sign up here 


Contact: If you have questions about our high school ministries, please contact Patrick Smalley, Director of High School and Adult Ministry, at psmalley@stedwardschurch.org or (952) 835-7101 x211.

All Faith Formation Calendar

September 2019

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  • Acts 29 Training
  • Sunday School and Nursery Open House
  • Weekly Bible Study
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  • Acts 29 Training
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  • Confirmation
  • Elementary Faith Formation
  • Middle School Faith Formation
  • Base Camp
  • Sunday School and Nursery