Middle School Grades 6-8

Wednesday Nights | 6:30-7:45pm | Fall through Spring

Each week we will meet as both a large group and small groups divided by grade. Large group is a time where we have fun because having fun opens doors for relationships to go deeper. Plus, God created us to have fun! We’ll also learn together. We’ll hear the story of God – past, present and future – learn about the Catholic tradition, spiritual practices and other tools to help our faiths grow. We’ll take a deeper look into the Bible, discussing stories and verses, trying to answer the question, what does the Bible mean for me today? We’ll end each week in small groups for open conversation, asking questions and talking about what is going on in their lives. Acts 29 (our high school peer ministry team) leaders will be present in the same small groups each week in order to build relationships and challenge middle schoolers to grow in their faith.

To register prior to the September 18 kick-off please click on the registration tab. To register mid-year, please contact Nicole Smalley. Students are always welcome to bring friends with them on Wednesday nights, visitors do not need to register ahead of time.