Faith Formation Registration Is Open!

Faith Formation Begins September 18. You can sign your students up for the 2019-2020 school year now for all ages. You will notice we have a brand new online registration form! There are a lot of changes to the form, so keep reading for some helpful tips.

Here are the steps for our new form:

1. Once you click on the form below, it will take you to a welcome page–where you will click “register”. This will then walk you through typing in a code – this is for security.

2. You will start by creating your family. You will be able to select parent or child – please add BOTH PARENTS if you are a 2 parent household. Adding everyone in your family here will make the rest of the process, and future sign ups, easier.

3. Then you will be asked for detailed information for your children.

4. Then payment. You will now be able to pay by credit card right on the form! First choose Payment Method. Either “Credit/debit” or “Pay Later”. Select one – you will know you have selected it when it is GREEN and there is a CHECK MARK.

To pay with Credit, enter your card information, then “Select Amount to Pay” either the full amount or make a payment – you will know you have selected it when it is GREEN and there is a CHECK MARK.

Or skip the credit card section by selecting “pay later” if you prefer to pay by check. You can bring this in to the church office at any time. If you need a scholarship please also select pay later and email Nicole Smalley. 

5. Then click “Complete Registration”, you’re done! We chose this form because we know you have a lot of things to sign your kids up for. By using this form, if you choose to sign your student up for any other St. Edward’s events in the future, this form will securely remember your information, making it a breeze next time!

Please reach out with any questions, this is our first time using this format so we may have some bugs to work out, but we really hope this will simplify your lives just a tiny bit.

Click here to register for all Faith Formation including Nursery, Sunday School, Grades 1-8, and Confirmation.

Students in Grades 10-12 who are interested in becoming Acts 29 leaders can fill out the application here. 

Stay up to date with program information, special events and more by signing up for our monthly Faith Formation eNews! Sign up here.

For questions or more information please contact:

Bridget Grotins for Nursery and Sunday School, infant – 5 years
Nicole Smalley for grades 1-8.
Patrick Smalley for grades 9-12.