Faith Formation

Faith Formation is all about partnering with families. We’re in it together with you — pandemic or otherwise — to foster connection and nurture your faith journey through experiences within our church community and at home, from birth through high school and beyond.

Small Group Sign-Up

Synod Small Groups

In small groups this fall, we will:

  1. Pray for God’s guidance on how we can more vigorously proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!
  2. Learn the Church’s wisdom on the Synod focus area topics.
  3. Discuss our perspectives and ideas with other parishioners.
  4. Respond with our feedback on Archdiocesan priorities to proclaim the Good News in our culture today.

Each small group can decide to attend six sessions offered in the Social Hall at 6:30pm on Wednesday nights, or meet on their own. Please sign up for a group even if you are unsure you can attend all six sessions.

Faith Formation Church of St Edward
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Acts 29 Application

Youth Faith Formation

We support life-long learning and seek to provide opportunities for students to grow in their faith. We do this by creating opportunities that meet three goals:

  • Hear God’s story. Through a variety of methods such as classes, small groups and guest speakers, we learn how God was at work & how He continues to be at work today.
  • Feel known. We belong in community. God models this through the Trinity. We need each other and each of us have something unique to offer.
  • Have fun. We want you to enjoy coming to church. After all, Nehemiah says it’s the joy of our Lord that is our strength! (Neh. 8:10)

Registration is required for all youth programming. Confirmed students who wish to participate in a leadership role can apply for Acts 29. Find more details about Acts 29 on the High School page.

Contact Us

Please contact the parish office at 952-835-7101 with questions.