Adult Faith

We strive to make faith come alive in the hearts of adults by making them feel valued, celebrating their diversity, and staying relevant to their lives. We support life-long learning and seek to provide opportunities for all to grow in their faith.

Small Group Sign-Up

Synod Small Groups

In small groups this fall, we will:

  1. Pray for God’s guidance on how we can more vigorously proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!
  2. Learn the Church’s wisdom on the Synod focus area topics.
  3. Discuss our perspectives and ideas with other parishioners.
  4. Respond with our feedback on Archdiocesan priorities to proclaim the Good News in our culture today.

Each small group can decide to attend six sessions offered in the Social Hall at 6:30pm on Wednesday nights, or meet on their own. Please sign up for a group even if you are unsure you can attend all six sessions. Groups are forming now and will include up to eight members, a facilitator and scribe.

RCIA Online Church of St Edward


The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is the process for adults who desire to join or return to the Catholic Church. It is open to both individuals who have never been baptized and to those who have been baptized in another Christian community. The process is offered throughout the year, beginning with a period of inquiry into the Catholic faith and celebrating at the Easter Vigil when one is baptized and/or welcomed into the Catholic Church through a profession of faith, the sacrament of Confirmation and reception of Holy Communion.


FORMED is a subscription-based website that provides essential resources everyone needs to understand, live, and share the Catholic Faith. Included with the subscription is 24/7 unlimited online access to transformative video-based study programs, audio presentations, movies, and eBooks. The subscription is our gift to you.


Introducing Hallow

Hallow is an authentically Catholic prayer and meditation app built to meet people wherever they are on their spiritual journey. The app offers over 500+ audio-guided contemplative prayer sessions using a variety of prayer practices and more.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about adult faith formation please call 952-835-7101.

Check out the events page for information on upcoming events!