Confirmation: Grade 9

Candidates here is everything you need to know as you begin Confirmation: 

Preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation begins in the fall of the ninth grade and concludes in the spring. We seek to engage the heart and mind as to allow teens to develop an active, mature faith life: a relationship with God that has been informed not only by tradition but through personal reflection, as well.

1. Decisions

One of the first things you’ll need to do as you begin this process is decide upon a Confirmation Name. This will be a Saint that you admire and look up to as a spiritual role model.

The next big decision is to choose a Sponsor. Sponsors are individuals you choose to walk alongside during and after Confirmation preparation. A sponsor should be someone older than you, that you look up to and feel comfortable discussing faith with. This person should be a confirmed Catholic, live nearby and should not be a parent. You will be expected to have regular conversations with your Sponsor via in person, the phone, Face time, etc.  Sponsors will need to attend the Rite of Confirmation in the spring and will present you to the Archbishop.

2. Attendance

Confirmation Classes are Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45pm. For a list of dates when classes will meet, see the calendar. Classes will focus on the Christian message, as revealed to us through scripture and church tradition. These sessions will include large group time led by the parish’s youth minister and small group time led by our high school peer ministry team. The benefit of having a one-year program is to allow more time in high school after Confirmation to figure out how to apply their Catholic faith in their everyday lives. Attendance is important. If attendance becomes an ongoing issue, expect to be contacted with alternative options for the sacrament of Confirmation.

3. Service Experience

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to serve others. It is not just an expectation for Confirmation, but a lifestyle that we are called to live. We are not asking for a set number of hours to be completed; instead, we are asking you, the candidate, to expand your understanding of service through experiences in three different areas:

    • Family: Helping out in new ways—not chores, not doing something that’s asked of you, but going out of your way to serve your family. Here’s the key: don’t tell anyone why you’re serving—just do it as an act of love.
    • Local Faith Community (St. Ed’s): Using your gifts to make your parish a better place. This is to be done in an area other than Youth Ministry. Some examples include, but are not limited to, weekend liturgies: lector, commentator, usher, greeter, choir member, instrumentalist, Sunday school teacher, Donut Sunday server, there are so many possibilities! Look in the bulletin for ideas and contact info for the people in charge of each ministry. If you’re asked to volunteer with an adult—try and serve with your sponsor!
    • Greater Community:  What are you passionate about, interested in or motivated to do? Find an organization that does that and get involved

4. Retreat

Each year, we plan one spring Confirmation retreat that is just for candidates from St. Ed’s. Typically in the spring with more details to come.

5. Liturgical Celebration Reflection

We ask candidates to be active participants in liturgical celebrations at St. Ed’s. As a way to deepen the experience, we ask you to complete 3 reflections throughout the year.

6. Rite of Confirmation

This will be celebrated on May 19 2022, 7:00pm, at the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Contact Us

Please email Ryan at or call the parish office at 952-835-7101 ext. 211 with questions.

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