Prayer Shawl Ministry

Anyone in need of solace can be provided with a hand-knit and blessed shawl by a group of knitters. Each knitter begins each shawl with prayer and a blessing for the recipient and continues to pray with each stitch that is made until the shawl is completed.

It is our hope that the shawl will be a tangible expression of the care St. Edward‘s community has for each recipient. You may pick up a prayer shawl at the parish office. Each shawl includes an encouraging note:

Our prayer is that you will use this shawl as a mantle of love. Wrap yourself in it when you feel down, when you need comfort, when you need sleep, whenever you feel a need for love and support. The person who made the shawl wove prayers for God’s love and healing into every stitch. It is our hope that this shawl will comfort you and give you peace.

Get Knitting
For more information or to join this ministry, please call the parish office ay 952-835-7101. All knitters use the same type of yarn and the same pattern. Volunteers make the shawls on their own time in their own homes. They do not receive material goods, services and/or money as compensation to provide this ministry on behalf of the parish.

Caps for Soldiers

Part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, this ministry was started in 2008 by Marlys Anderson from northern Minnesota who knitted a wool cap to be used as a helmet liner for her grandson who was stationed with the Army in Korea.

He wrote back to Marlys and requested 35 more caps for his Army friends. Not knowing how she would finish that many in a short amount of time, she asked her friends for help in knitting the caps and the new ministry began.

Caps for Soldiers is now a nation-wide ministry and to date over 10,000 caps have been sent to our military all over the world including 2,500 caps that our Bloomington National Guard took with them when they deployed in 2011.

Get Involved
More information on Caps for Soldiers can be found at, including the pattern for the caps. Any caps finished using the pattern on the website and 100% wool yarn can be dropped off at the home of Diann Bennin and she will deliver them to Marlys Anderson for distribution. Contact Diann at 952-881-1232.