Need a safe place to talk about your faith?

Spiritual Direction is a personalized ministry that helps you deepen your relationship with God. It’s a time-honored ministry in our Catholic Christian tradition.

What happens during Spiritual Direction?

You and a Spiritual Director meet in a quiet, comfortable space, where a candle represents Christ’s presence. The hour begins with a short prayer or period of silence. Then you can share whatever life situations are on your mind or in your heart—struggles, joys, questions, insights, profound experiences, sense of God’s presence/absence, hopes, dreams, etc. The Spiritual Director listens prayerfully and helps you explore your relationship with God in the situations that you share. The hour ends with prayer.

Over time, Spiritual Direction can lead to a greater intimacy with God, a closer relationship with Jesus, self, & others, and/or a stronger sense of the Holy Spirit.

Why do people meet with a Spiritual Director?

Life offers many invitations to reflect on the spiritual journey. Do any of the following resonate with you?  Consider Spiritual Direction if you are…

  • looking for new ways to pray.
  • wanting to know God, not just know about God.
  • wondering about God’s presence in a situation.
  • feeling lost or abandoned by God.
  • discerning God’s desire for you.
  • noticing a shift in your beliefs.
  • experiencing a challenge to your integrity or ability to love.
  • trying to forgive someone.
  • feeling overwhelmed or bottomed out.
  • seeking something deeper in life.
  • moving through a transition

While there is some overlap among listening ministries and professions, Spiritual Direction is not a form of counseling, therapy, coaching, problem-solving, or advice-giving. It’s a prayerful time to talk about your faith and be assured of confidentiality, hospitality, and unconditional acceptance.

Contact a Spiritual Director

At St. Edwards, you can call Mary Boespflug or Jean Buell at 952-835-7101, ext. 212.

Spiritual Directors are also available at most retreat centers and spirituality centers. It’s important to pray about your decision and choose someone you are comfortable with.

Meetings usually take place once a month for an hour. You can quit any time.  There is never an obligation to continue.

Most Spiritual Directors have completed a specific preparation program, and many carry insurance. Thus, there is a nominal fee for each meeting after the first.  However, no one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

Look for a brochure outside the parish office, outside the chapel, or in the library.