Sister Parish: Our Lady of the Angels

Our sister parish relationship with Our Lady of the Angels in Nicaragua is a vibrant, active and inter-active relationship, where we at St. Edward’s support, affirm and encourage the good work that is being done in our Sister Church and its community.

We sometimes do projects with the community in which they initiate and invest their own time and person power. We add what we can to help them accomplish their goals – sometimes the time of volunteers from our parish working alongside people from their community, and sometimes monetary support to add to their own.

Current Projects

  • Repair the main Jinotega church rectory
  • Donate accordions, keyboard, guitar strings and other worship necessities
  • Build a dental clinic in a rural church with parishioner donations
  • Work with the Pastoral de los Infermos (ministers of the sick) and others who deliver Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) food from the church facility where the food is stored to families in need
  • Mission trips
  • Wells and water systems
  • Hurricane aid
  • Sports equipment for poor neighborhoods

Our primary goal is to build, maintain and enrich a wonderful relationship with them, where they come to know who we are – and they pray for us continually especially when we have specific needs – and we come to know them as people of great faith within circumstances of great poverty and challenge. All the other things we may do with and for them is only to make this relationship stronger, because we can never alleviate their poverty. We learn so much about how to depend upon God and live celebratory lives from these incredible people.

I feel that people of Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles have given me so much more than I have given them. What an honor that they let us into their lives so completely.   – Becky

Though we emphasize focusing on our relationship with this community, we often find that pursuing certain projects which they initiate offers us a venue for being together, a way to interact more easily with the people, while at the same time supporting initiatives that help their poor community.