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Our Social Justice Commission is the coordinating body of St. Edward’s tremendous commitment to social justice and charity. Encouraged by Pope Francis’ strong support for reaching out to and caring for the poor and vulnerable as an important part of our faith, St. Edward’s Social Justice Commission represents a wide range of outreach activities sponsored by or supported through St. Edward’s volunteer participation or donations. In whatever way YOU might see yourself reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus, you will easily find just the right activity to volunteer and truly make a difference!

Our Commission meets monthly during the Parish Leadership Meetings. As representatives of the various outreach ministries, we gather to support, affirm and help one another as well as evaluate how we are meeting the needs of our community, of social justice and of charity here at St. Edward’s.

Jake Lynch, representative of VEAP at our Commission meetings says, “The best part of our meetings is the sharing of what we are each excited about. I gain energy to continue my ministry with a happy heart from this commission.”

We Want Your Ideas

We are always interested in any new project ideas you might have and we encourage new people to join our Commission or to build an outreach ministry that flows from your own passions.

For more information contact Mia Ah Sani at 952-835-7101 x223