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The St. Edward’s community vegetable garden is a completely volunteer project. During the spring and summer months, we contribute our labor for this garden and give all of the produce to the VEAP Food Shelf, Loaves and Fishes and other organizations. At harvest time, the parish children bring a basket of veggies to the altar during each Sunday’s offertory procession.

Find Your Place in the Garden

veap garden st edwards church bloomingtonWe have found that gardening is a faith and community building experience! Our garden project has a place for everyone that is willing. We have a wonderful and fun Garden Group who plans, prepares, plants, weeds, waters, and harvests our Veggie Garden, where all the produce goes to the poor. VEAP’s Food Shelf customers SO appreciate the fresh veggies we bring! Our Veggies-4-VEAP Garden is even featured in VEAP’s newsletter.

Volunteers Needed

  • donate plants each spring
  • contact others by email or phone
  • plot the garden
  • assemble planting kits
  • plant, water or weed
  • wash and deliver the vegetables to VEAP
  • are willing to learn the difference between a vegetable and a weed!

Wednesday Gardening Nights

Meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm in June and July, for about 1 ½ hours. Green Thumbs are welcomed (or people who just have an interest in gardening or helping the poor). Great for families! Our Team will train you in what to do.

The garden is located on the south lawn of St Edward’s church grounds. During the growing season volunteers can just show up to help! Someone who knows about the garden will be there to help you.

Become part of the many hands who make light work of veggie gardening, so that people in need may enjoy nutritious and scrumptious fresh veggies, for healthier living and a life with more dignity. You can make a difference! Contact Bonnie Strand at bxstrand@gmail.com or 952-944-1234 or Sue Bartoletti at 952-829-5574.

veap garden st edwards church bloomingtonWhere We Harvest Love

When we deliver the harvested vegetables to our partners, St. Edward’s garden volunteers have heard these comments:

“Our clients love it when you come with vegetables.”

“Your vegetables come in the donation door and go out with the clients on the same day.”

“We love to see you – we don’t have to wash or sort your veggies, they are ready to go.”

Learn More

Further information about St. Edward’s involvement in other VEAP ministries visit our VEAP page. Further information about the services that VEAP provides can be found on their website at http://www.veapvolunteers.org.

If you would like more information or are ready to volunteer, please contact Bonnie Strand at bxstrand@gmail.com.

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