The LabyrinthLabyrinth

The labyrinth at St. Edward is located on the south lawn, where it is mowed into the grass. It’s a variation of the “classic” labyrinth which is designed around a cross.

How to Pray with a Labyrinth

Very simply, labyrinth prayer involves slowly walking inward, pausing in the center, and then walking outward. It allows our hearts to be open, our souls to be receptive, our minds to be quiet, and our bodies to be active.  It’s a contemplative prayer of one’s whole self in loving relationship with God.

Where to Learn More

During warm-weather months, there is a box of brochures on the picnic table near the labyrinth. The brochures provide more information as well as more detailed suggestions for prayer.  There is also a journal where you can share your comments.  You can also read what others have written.

Enjoy this experience of prayer in the beauty of nature!