The Church of St. Edward has a long tradition of vibrant worship

Our music is a reflection of the richness of the gathered community. A variety of music groups lead the “primary choir” –  the Assembly – the people – the congregation.

Adult Choir

IMG_0342choirOn Sundays and for other services, the Adult Choir enhances the sung prayer of our worshiping community and performs a wide variety of choral repertoire. A love of singing is necessary, though no previous choral experience is necessary. All adults, ages 18 and over are welcome. No auditions are necessary. Time required: The ministry is performed Sunday mornings, September through May, at the 10:30 a.m. Mass; arrive 30 minutes early on Sunday mornings. Rehearsals are held weekly on Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Christmas and Easter Seasons require extra rehearsals and performances. If you enjoy singing – come try us out – we won’t try you out!
Contact Craig Walker, Director of Music, (952) 835-7101, ext. 231.

“Being a member of the adult choir is such a blessing to me. The music renews and restores me – it gives me a greater connection with the Mass, and I find a peace that the hectic world cannot provide. I am proud to be a part of such a dedicated and hard-working group of people. I believe our talent is a gift from God, and the choir is a way I can give back to the St Ed’s community.” – Terri Boas

Praise Team

Our Praise Teams help lead music at all Masses every weekend, as well as many special Holy day Masses. Our Praise Teams consist of guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard along with other acoustical instruments as called for. In addition to the instruments, Praise Team singers are needed at the 5pm and 8:30am Masses. If you have an interest in participating in this exciting opportunity, please contact  Craig Walker, Director of Music, (952) 835-7101, ext. 231.

img-2965-childrens-choirwebChildren’s Choir

Our Children’s Choir is open to kids in 2nd through 8th grade. Rehearsals are Wednesdays from 5:30-6:15pm and the choir sings at a 10:30am Mass once a month. The choir also sings at the 4:00pm Christmas Eve Mass and 10:30am Mass on Easter Sunday and some other special events. There is a pizza party at the end of the season to celebrate!
Contact Emma Shukle, Director of Children’s Choir, or 952-835-7101 for questions and more details.

Festival Choir

Our parish invites those who love to sing but cannot commit to singing year round to join our Festival Choir for Christmas and Easter. The festival choir joins our regular adult choir to sing on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. There are short rehearsals leading up to the holiday Mass, usually held on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. All adults, high school students and voice parts are welcome.
Contact for more information.

Funeral Choir

The Funeral Choir sings at most funerals, supporting and enhancing the liturgical action and sung prayer of those gathered. A funeral choir member should enjoy singing and have a flexible daytime schedule. Men and women are welcome. Time required: This ministry is performed as needed, about three times a month on average. Rehearsals are held one-half hour before each service. There are additional rehearsals about three to four times a year.
Volunteer: contact Craig Walker at the parish office, 952-835-7101, ext 231.

Schola Choir

The Schola is a small vocal ensemble of skilled singers who provide music for Masses on an occasional basis. The Schola rehearses on Tuesday evenings on a regular basis and sings at various Masses as scheduled. Due to the nature of the music repertoire of this group, often classical in nature, this ensemble does require an opportunity to ensure voices are compatible.
Volunteer: contact Craig Walker at the parish office, 952-835-7101, ext 231.


The Cantor proclaims the Psalm in song and leads the congregation in sung prayer at weekend Masses and other services. It is important that the cantor has an ability to sing, to read music and to inspire the congregation to sing. Time required: This ministry is performed on a rotating basis, about three times a month; arrive 30 minutes prior to Mass to rehearse with the accompanist. Rehearsal time, preferably with the choir, in addition to preparation at home is expected.
Volunteer: Contact  Craig Walker at the parish office, 952-835-7101, ext 231. Note, please put “Cantor Information” in the Subject Line of the email.

“I love being a cantor at St. Ed’s! For me, music is an essential aspect of worshipping and praising God during Mass. When the entire congregation sings together it is a powerful and inspiring feeling to know we all share the same love and faith in God.” – Jen Zupke


A variety of instrumentalists enhance the prayer life of our worshipping community. Woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings are the most common, but other instruments are also welcome. Players should be skilled on their instrument and be able to sight read well. Time required: The ministry is performed at the Weekend Masses as well as Holy Days and other special Services and varies according to availability and liturgical needs.
Contact  Craig Walker at the parish office, 952-835-7101, ext 231.


The Church of St. Edward’s has had a pipe organ since 1980. The original instrument, built by the Austin Organ Company in Hartford, CT was renovated and enlarged by Austin, with a new, three-manual console.

The Music Ministry at St. Edward’s is a great group of fun and creative people who all share the love of music. We are a family, sharing our faith together through music. Come join this wonderful ministry and all it has to offer! As the hymn says, “All are welcome in this place.” – Jen Zupke

Braille Worship Assistance Available

Our parish can make arrangements for parishioners who are sight impaired by providing a braille version of the words to music each week. This can be arranged in advance by contacting Mary Kay in the church office. Each week a packet of braille cards can be assembled and placed in a designated location where they can be picked up before Mass. After Mass we ask that the cards be returned to that same location. If you have questions or comments about this program, please contact the parish office or Mary Kay Hird at

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